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Join the goZeal movement to find flexible employment opportunities and create a more equitable future for all.

Our Mission

Create flexible, accessible, and equal opportunity jobs for professional women, to achieve and advance, anytime and anywhere.


We're obsessively and holistically focused on the success and growth of our team members & clients.


We promise to always support women in seeking and attaining gender-equal as well as barrier-free jobs.


We value and celebrate the myriad of perspectives that people of all walks of life bring to the table.


We will never stop supporting the role women play at work and at home and honor moms returning back.

A Global Initiative

We exist to change the status quo


of skilled moms leave the workforce


of working women want increased flexibility


STEM women in emerging markets are unemployed

Sanghamithra Penesetti founder & CEO goZeal

Sanghamithra Penesetti

Founder & CEO

Our story

Sangha worked 18 years in Finance & Insurance sectors in New York and noticed both a gender disparity as well as the inflexibility with work & personal life as a mom. She found this to be an amplified problem across the world, especially with women of color. Her resolve to be an agent of change, propelled her to build a solution to bridge this chasm and help professional women with flexible jobs.

Enter goZeal

Women are underrepresented in high-skilled areas, and they are an untapped labor pool in many emerging markets. We know how life-changing a platform geared toward female professionals can be, so we’re creating an equal playing field. goZeal is a revolutionary platform run by like-minded women, designed for the Future of Work, bringing financial independence to as many as possible.

Why we shine

We are a team of women with a zeal for lifting one another up and promoting seismic change. We have banded together to initiate this change, one job at a time. We employ female professionals in the freelance economy by providing access to meaningful jobs while minimizing technological, social and communication barriers, especially to women of color.

Let’s build this bridge together

The conversation of gender equality is at an all-time high, yet the numbers still show a significant gap in the representation of women in skilled jobs. We’re working to change that, and we want you to be a part of it.

There’s no better time than now to make it happen.

We are bold. We are the future. We are goZeal.

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